Must have photos on your trip to Magnolia Market

I tell my husband all the time I am a photo taker and memory maker. When we first got together he owned a lot of what I would call clutter and he would call memories. Toys that grandparents had given him over the years, books from classes, cups from events, anything he received he kept because that’s how he remembered. I was the opposite, I’d take photos of events to remember everything and get rid of the actual item. I tend to be a minimalist. I have a few treasured possessions, but for the most part, I really do not keep a lot of knick knacks.

Over the years (and a couple of moves) my husband is learning the advantage of the more minimalistic perspective on things. Having fewer items let’s us really enjoy what we have and be able to know everything we have, too. So – when our five year anniversary came around and he suggested a trip to Magnolia Market versus buying each other things I was super excited. I love the Fixer Upper show and I love presents that involve some sort of experience, rather than item. Instead of buying a ton of things while we were there, I value taking photos to look back and remember the day. After visiting the market I decided to put together my list of must-have photos to help remember your trip to Magnolia Market. Some of these are fairly obvious, while some require work beforehand to prepare – or a special side trip to find. I hope you enjoy this list and find it useful if you’re planning your trip.

Must have photos on your trip to Magnolia Market

The ‘across the street’ view of the whole market.
As we were driving around looking for parking we saw quite a few others taking this photo, as we walked up we could see why. You can see the actual market, the Silos Baking Co., and quite a bit of the grounds from this angle. Depending on where you park, you may have to walk a little bit to get here. We did not park in the Magnolia parking lot so this was on our walk in.

The iconic sign above the stage.
To me, when I think of the Magnolia Market, this is what I think of. It’s often displayed on Fixer Upper and has a beautiful vintage vibe to it. We took quite a few selfies with it because I am that sort of photographer. I even made Maddie get in a few photos so when she grows up she will know she’s been here, too.

The #milestomagnolia sign. Plan ahead for this one!
Sadly, I do not have a photo with this sign. It’s in between the Silos Baking Co. and the actual store. The line for this was too long for us, plus, while waiting we saw a group of ladies from Georgia who had a sign listing the hundreds of miles they traveled to get here. Somehow, our 90 minute drive didn’t seem quite as spectacular following them in. If you search the hastag #milestomagnolia you’ll see quite a few people under this sign. If we go back, we will definitely be making a sign listing how many miles we drove and taking a picture under it. It’s literally made for photo-taking, which is my favorite sort of spot.

The silos.
I mean, it is kind of important to get the silos in the picture. There are so many angles you could use on this one. The ‘across the street’ view gets them in, as does the stage from a certain side. I took quite a few photos because the clouds were absolutely gorgeous the day we visited. It’s like they knew I was there to take photos. If only every day could be this pretty.

The car.
This is semi-hidden in between the stage and the Magnolia Gardens store. I didn’t hop in the picture because I thought the car by itself was just too good of a shot. If you do not wander over to the garden you’ll never see this. To me, it’s very Fixer Upper style and it has the cute little flowers, too. Who would have thought to put this here to decorate? Obviously Joanna, but still the car style and color fit the property so well.

The car at Magnolia Market

The seed and supply store.
This is hidden in the back corner of the grounds. It’s surrounded by the gardens and is a super tiny little shop. Inside, they sell all sorts of garden decor, seeds, and gardening equipment. The whole shop maybe fit 10-15 people, but the sign was the most memorable to me. With our stroller we couldn’t get inside, so I snapped a quick photo of the sign and then we walked around the garden area.

Magnolia Market and Garden from HGTV Fixer Upper

And I saved the best for last – the hidden gem – the logo on the far outside wall.
If you park in the Magnolia parking lot and then walk around to the main front entrance you’ll see this. If you parked where we parked you’ll have to make a walk down the block to catch this. To me – this photo is the epitome of Magnolia Market. A simple, clean black logo on an old brick wall painted white with a sans serif typeface. Love it. Everything about it screams Fixer Upper. As you can probably tell, I made my husband take way too many photos here (as you should, too).

There you have it. My list of not-to-miss photos while you’re at the Magnolia Market in Waco. I hope you have the chance to make this special trip and take some photos for you to make your own memories with, too.

Have you visited Magnolia Market already?

Did I miss any must-have photos stops?

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