Pizza Tot-chos with hidden veggies

Is it possible that food can be perfect? For me there are two perfect foods, pizza and nachos. Specifically – I love combining pizza and nachos into pizza nachos. Pepperoni, mozz, and sauce in nacho form? It may be the best invention since sliced bread.If only eating pizza or nachos made you skinny. I’d LOVE that. Since it doesn’t, I do my best to make them as healthy as possible and leave them as a special now and then treat.

Recently, I saw online that Green Giant had made a cauliflower tater tot. I mean, tater tots aren’t necessarily one of my favorite foods, but I do love me some tot-chos.  Apparently their marketing worked because I went to the store and picked up some cauliflower tater tots this week. I’m like a five year old sometimes, I sneak veggies into my own meals I’m all for it. Cauliflower tots – sold. This is mom level PRO if you ask me. My husband thought I was nuts as I put them in the cart. I even told him I was trying to eat more veggies and he told me that I was crazy. Maybe I am – crazy healthy that is. Or I may just be crazy. Either way – these tot-chos are going to become a staple for me because the are so so good.

This past week little Madison got her first ear infection which left me at home with her for two days before I could take her back to day care. Knowing that I had extra time for lunch, I decided it was finally time to whip up some cauliflower pizza tot-chos. They really hit the spot and gave me the energy to snuggle with my poor sick baby. I promise these are both delicious and freakishly easy to throw together while holding a baby in one arm. Depending on the amount you make they can be a great after school snack, lunch, or even dinner for the whole family!

Cauliflower pizza tot-chos


Green Giant cauliflower tots
Mozzarella cheese
Hormel Turkey Pepperoni
Pizza Sauce
Other pizza toppings as desired


1. Cook tator tots in 425 degree oven for twenty minutes.
2. Take out tots and top them with desired pizza toppings.
3. Place tots back in oven for additional 15-20 minutes until cheese is melted and lightly browned.
4. Top with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese and enjoy!


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