Surviving the first baby illness

This past week our baby girl, Madison, got her for ear infection and it was a doozy. After arriving back from Colorado on Sunday evening we noticed her pulling on one ear. By the time I made it to the doctor for an appointment on Monday morning she had begun pulling on the other ear, too. The doctor confirmed my suspicions – she had a DOUBLE ear infection from the change in pressure between Colorado and Kansas. We were given medicine and told to take 4mL twice a day. The pharmacist questioned the amount the doctor prescribed, but the doctor said it would be fine. We were told make sure she takes it with food, because it will cause stomach issues. Boy were they right.

Fast forward to one hour after giving her the medicine and she threw up all over the carpet. My poor baby had never vomited that much, but we cleaned it up and put her to bed. She seemed fine the next morning after we gave her more meds, so we took her to daycare and went through the work day. When I went to pick her up after work the daycare said she had just finished cleaning up vomit. I felt bad, but was hoping that would be it. Nope, she wasn’t done yet. She continued to throw up all night and started diarrhea at the same time. Isn’t parenting fun, right?

By the next morning the poor tired kiddo hadn’t eaten or drank very much, so we went back to the doctor. She prescribed a much lower dosage of a different medication. This time she only needed 2mL once a day. I started to wonder if maybe the dosage of the first medication was the main issue. The doctor told me Maddie probably had gastroenteritis (i.e. a stomach virus), however, after one day of this all signs of vomiting and diarrhea ceased leading me to believe the first medication was the issue, not a stomach bug. Either way, the illness left me with a lot of firsts. First trip to the doctor for a sick baby. First time cleaning up baby vomit. First time doing multiple loads of laundry between the hours of midnight and 3am. First time wondering/googling symptoms of baby dehydration. First time wondering how such a tiny baby can have so much poop in her body. And first time feeling as though I deserve an award for surviving.

Yes, I’m a millennial and I admit it. I want an award for surviving all of those firsts. So, I made myself one. Maybe you need this award this week, too. Or maybe you’ve already survived all of these firsts and know what the feeling is like. No matter what happens I know I can face it. We’ve all got this motherhood thing down even when baby gets sick.

Anyone else helping their sick kiddo this week? 

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