Maddie’s First Valentine’s Day

This week we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a family. Madison had no idea what was going on, nor did she care, but we let her know how much she was loved since she is our littlest Valentine. I got my craft on and decorated her helmet for the occasion. I’m guessing she liked it considering these faces.

We made enough extra hearts that we brought some to Maddie’s daycare to share with our babysitter’s daughter. She absolutely LOVED them! I mean, what four year old doesn’t love stickers? This little girl loves Madison and always notices how we decorate her helmet, so I think she liked being able to help. James’s parents visited us and we all celebrated together as a family. Madison liked seeing her grandma and grandpa, even though she was super sleepy and cranky by the time they arrived.

Madison is supposed to get one hour out of her helmet a day. We cheat and give her 2-3 most days. It’s typically from whenever we get home from work until she goes to bed. We’ve been trying more solid foods with her, but we wait until she’s on helmet break. I do not want to have to clean food out of her helmet because she gets it everywhere. On the bright side, she knows how to grab her spoon. She literally grabbed it out of my hand to get to the food. She’s just like her mommy – she loves food! She even tried to eat it off of the chair strap. This baby knows what’s good.

The helmet has basically become such a part of our routine none of us even notice it. I can honestly say, I’m still happy we’re doing this and hope that she’s made more great progress when we go back to see the doctor again.

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