First Follow-Up Appointment

This past week Madison had her first follow-up appointment with the doctor at Hanger Clinic. James and I have a love/hate relationship with this appointment. We look forward to it so that we can see if the helmet is working, but we both hate the five hour round trip to visit the doctor in Wichita. We arrived a little earlier than planned so we stopped for a snack at Panera. My thought is, if I need to get up at 3:30am for this trip, at least I can sneak in a tasty bagel. James wasn’t that upset about visiting it either. It makes the morning a little easier with some caffeine (and a baby who’s not hangry).

Madison fueling up for her appointment

Madison fueling up for her appointment

As I’ve written before, she started off with a very flat head. Her cranial vault asymmetry should be anywhere from 0-5, but hers was at 16. The doctor had told us previously that anything over a 10 they would recommend a helmet for. Our doctor took some updated measurements and it was a success! Two weeks into the helmet and she’s already dropped to an 11 on the cranial vault asymmetry. James and I were super excited. We’re hoping it means that maybe she’ll only need the helmet for a couple of months, instead of six months like we were originally told.

Maddie and mommy after the good news

Maddie and mommy after the good news

I had this dream of changing Madison’s helmet design daily to be fun. I can tell you right now that was overly ambitious of me. I changed her helmet last Sunday and as of this Sunday I still haven’t changed it. So much for that idea. Maybe I’ll do better this week. Anyways, here’s her one helmet this week. On the bright side, with Valentine’s Day coming up the heart fits!

On a different note, Maddie tried her first solid food this weekend. She ended up loving it. We simply pureed some fresh avocados and she went to town. She had at least five little spoonfuls. These photos don’t show her smiles as she ate, but she really enjoyed it.

Madison's first taste of food

Madison’s first taste of food

4 thoughts on “First Follow-Up Appointment

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your post via Google Images as I was researching cranial helmets and am so glad I did! My baby girl has a similar story and is getting fitted for her little pink helmet at a Hanger Clinic in Nebraska in a few days. I’m trying to learn everything I can about the process beforehand and appreciated being able to read your account of the fitting / process etc. It helps calm the mama nerves. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with the helmet!


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