Part Two: Plagiocephaly Journey, The fitting

This post is a little delayed, but I’m finally getting around to writing it. Truthfully, I debated not posting this because this part of the journey was far easier than I anticipated. If you haven’t read it already, I’m cataloging baby Madison’s journey with plagiocephaly and helmet wearing. You can see more about what that means in part one.

We were supposed to go to Wichita on Martin Luther King day, but due to an ice storm, we postponed that visit until Friday. The only time they could squeeze us in at required is to get up at 4:00am to hit the road. We made it to Wichita and stopped at Panera on the way in (what can I say, I love Panera and there isn’t one anywhere near where we live). Thankfully, the Panera and doctor’s office actually share a parking lot. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot more Panera for a few months.

I had seen a picture online that made me believe that getting fitted for a helmet involved casting the baby’s head in plaster and would be simultaneously time consuming and a huge mess. I was surprised when the doctor didn’t pull out any casting material. Instead, he had a suitcase-like box he pulled a long baby hat out of. He called it a ‘bonnet’ even though it’s not like a typical bonnet. He proceeded to tell me to hold Madison on my knee and he put this bonnet on her head. She was not a big fan. 

Being fitted with the bonnet

Being fitted with the bonnet

Once it was on her had James try to distract her to look a certain way and hold her head fairly still. The doctor then took what looked like a checkout scanner and started scanning her head. A screen in the suitcase-like box registered these scans and created a 3D image of Maddie’s head. It was pretty slick and really only took about 10 minutes. Once that was done he said he could have the helmet back by Wednesday! We thought we’d have to wait for two weeks! We scheduled the appointment and left. Yep, we drove five hours round trip for about 10-15 minutes of the doctor’s time. I’d be upset, but this is the only doctor around who specializes in this area.

The look on this face says it all, not a big fan

The look on this face says it all, not a big fan

Madison didn’t mind this visit at all, although she was so tired she fell asleep almost immediately after leaving. I was glad she didn’t have a meltdown while getting scanned, she’s been great with the doctor so far. 

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