Day One

Yesterday was officially day one with the plagiocephaly helmet for baby Madison. Day one entails having her wear the helmet for an hour and then giving her an hour without it on. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far:

  1. The helmet makes her HOT. We’re down to a short-sleeved onesie in January because otherwise she was getting too warm. Her head was so sweaty the first hour I immediately changed her.
  2. She doesn’t actually mind the helmet, only having the helmet put on and taken off. If she had it on all day she might be okay with it.
  3. The helmet is more weight that she can hold up with her neck. It has made tummy time a little more challenging.
  4. The helmet makes me feel like a bad parent (I know I’m not). I know there’s nothing I could have done to make her torticollis stop her head from flattening, but i wish there was.
  5. She’s still the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, even with the helmet. I mean, look at that face. 
Plagiocephaly helmet day one

Plagiocephaly helmet day one

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